Client Testimonials


Nicole started helping me first feel better after having a long bout with Covid. After that she did a GI map to help me with my bad gut health and recommended supplements to get rid of the bad bacteria I had. Nicole then recommended a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to determine levels of minerals and got them all back to normal levels. She is detailed, explains everything so you understand and is always available to answer questions. I feel great and during my recent colonoscopy, they found none of the recurring problems with gastritis or diverticulitis and am now off daily prescriptions for Gerd I have been taking for 20+ years! Nicole helps heal your body rather than put a bandaid on with a prescription and she is clearly passionate about her work. Thank you Nicole❤️


I highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking to get to the root cause of their symptoms- she could not be more knowledgeable, down to earth, and precise. I have learned so much working with her, and all of her videos and protocols are so easy to understand. Nicole is an invaluable asset to anyone’s health journey.


Nicole's passion for Holistic Health is contagious! She genuinely cares about helping you get to the root cause of health concerns so that you can live your life to the fullest in the healthiest way possible. Working with Nicole has been such an eye opening experience; I am so grateful for the impact she has made in my health.


Nicole is AMAZING! I was struggling trying to find a “doctor” who would actually get to the root cause of what was going on with my son. He literally had stomach pain constantly, to the point he could barley walk at time. He also started having these skin bumps that were appearing on his knees and elbows. I took him to several doctors and all of them brushed it off or tried to refer me all over to different specialists. I finally decided to take things in my own hands and seek help from someone like Nicole, who would actually do specific testing to figure out the “root” of what was going on. We started a protocol she recommended in October, three months and bumps are completely gone! Knock on wood, he also has not complained of any stomach pain and I haven’t received weekly calls from the school nurse regarding my son’s chronic stomach pain. Literally hands down the best! If you haven’t reached out to her yet, you definitely should!


I am so glad I found Nicole! Working with her has been life changing!!! Before finding Nicole I went to a doctor to get my acne sorted, which had popped up out of nowhere. I knew something had to be going on in my body because it was not normal for me. The doctor didn’t seem interested in finding the problem and just recommended steroid cream. Thankfully Nicole came to the rescue! She took the time to do tests and gave me a protocol based on those results. My acne is disappearing and my energy has been so much better!! I am so grateful for Nicole.


I only have positive things to say about my experience with Nicole! She is super friendly, knowledgeable and helped fix my gut health and manage my PCOS through dietary intervention. After being disappointed by countless specialists and never finding something that worked for me I feel totally blessed to have found Nicole! I really appreciate how she didn’t just tell me what the issue was but she helped me to understand my lab results with such clarity. You can tell that she really cares about you as a person as she creates individualized plans that work for your personal preferences. I highly recommend Nicole for anybody who wants to regain their health and wellness!


Nicole is incredibly thorough, thoughtful and attentive. She looks at your body and symptoms with an integrative perspective looking to heal the individual down to the cellular level, and to get rid of unwanted heavy metals/toxins as well as various pathogens that can wreak havoc on our health. Anyone who has not been feeling well for a significant period of time and feeling hopeless with the traditional medical doctor not solving their problems (like me) needs to talk to her. She will change your life and will find out what ails you through specific tests and analysis which will shed a light on why you feel the way you do. She will create a customized plan how to change these complex variables in our bodies that effect us negatively to help find harmony in order to heal properly and to live your best life.


Nicole is absolutely incredible as a nutritionist and as a motivator. She went so above and beyond in helping me heal my gut and has continually supported me with other health issues I've experienced. Her recipes are also amazing and have become a big part of my regular diet, even now that we no longer working together. More than anything, I feel like Nicole gave me a sense of control over my health and really helped me to understand my body and digestive system. I will be forever in awe of her depth of knowledge and ability to help her clients.


Before I started working with Nicole, I was at my last hope in feeling better. After getting so many, “that’s normal” and no plan to help, Nicole was able to get to the root cause of my brain fog, lack of energy, hormone imbalance and inflammation and give me answers to rebalance my body. I feel alive again! It’s been a long time since I’ve met a health professional vested in putting the individual first. Nicole has a deep understanding of how the body works and you she really cares about her clients outcome. If you are considering working with Nicole, then I highly suggest reaching out to her!


Working with Nicole was a truly wonderful experience. I came into working with her with chronic bloating that I had resigned was just going to be my way of life after working with doctors and nutritionists with little success. Nicole really listens. She recommended tests that lead to the discovery of the root of the issue and worked with me on a plan to effectively correct my uncomfortable bloating. I cannot say enough about how much better I feel both mentally and physically. I did not realize how my being constantly uncomfortable affected my mood and energy level until Nicole finally helped me fix the issue. My anxiety has also decreased and as an added bonus I even look healthier. Having someone that takes the time to listen to your symptoms, who understands the vital importance of gut health, and who creates effective and lasting plans is worth every penny and more.


Our family has benefited greatly from Nicole’s expertise. Using the lab testing my husband and I have found areas where supplements and a change of diet have improved our overall health, energy and have drastically changed our blood work. We are in our 60’s and have found it important to pay attention and implement these changes to age gracefully. We are full of energyactive and overall feel great. Highly recommend Nicole’s services.


Nicole Ritter is fantastic! Not only is she personable and caring but she is so incredibly knowledgeable! In just a short time working with Nicole, I have learned so much about how lifestyle and diet can impact health. She has helped me find natural ways to regulate my hormones which in turn has improved my overall health/happiness. I look forward to continuing to work with her!


If you are looking for the whole package when it comes to a professional support system for your health journey, look no further than Nicole Ritter!! She is absolutely amazing across the board! Her skillset is unmatched, and her leadership - both with her clients and in our industry - is fiercely respected. She is highly sought after for assistance with countless aspects of both business building and within the Functional Health universe. She is the perfect mixture of supportive, brilliant, kind, loving, encouraging, motivating and inspiring. She will keep you accountable for your voiced desires, so you best be ready to put in the work – and she does this in the most respectful of ways!! If you are fortunate enough to become a client of Nicole’s, she will serve you the universe on a silver platter. Her customer service skills are impeccable, and she’s quick to respond and communicate with colleagues and client at all times. She truly listens to what her clients' needs are, and she then proceeds to march alongside them for every step [and occasional misstep] of their [sometimes] very complicated & painful journeys back to true health. She is a wealth of knowledge, and she is always continuing her learning so that she can remain the best resource that you have for all of the unknowns that come with being stuck, unhealthy, sick and even scared of what the future may hold for your health. Through her practice, you will learn things that most doctors have never even thought about teaching their patients. She calmly and masterfully pieces together the whole picture of your health puzzle, and she will relentlessly pursue all avenues of healing with each and every client. She will not stop until the client truly and genuinely alleviates their ailments through her practice and programs. As a fellow colleague, it’s an honor to continually watch Nicole innovate, create, support and easily exceed every expectation that she has ever set for both herself and her clients. Having the opportunity to work alongside her in our field is a gift, and I look forward to continuing to watch her soar. She is exceptional on both a personal and a professional level; so, if you are looking for someone who will truly hear you, help you, guide you and support you wholeheartedly, Nicole is your gal!


If you’re ready to change your life, Nicole is your girl!I started working with Nicole shortly after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was nervous and at a loss of what to do. Nicole suggested several different tests, and created a plan specifically for me. She did research also on effective foods and supplements for MS, she went above and beyond! I feel so much better, way fewer days where I just can’t do anything. She was there to answer every question I had along the way. Nicole helped me lose 35 pounds, gain the confidence to make better life/food choices and consistently feel better. I will forever be grateful! Thank you, Nicole!


Nicole is seriously a godsend to me! I started working with her in September and I haven’t stopped. I’ve learned so much about my body, allergies, vitamins/mineral deficiencies etc which led me to find some other things that were going on. I feel so much better physically and mentally. Nicole is not only a wonderful nutritionist but a great friend as well. I joke and say that she should be a therapist because she is a great listener and gives honest advice. If you’re just not feeling yourself or want to learn more about your body then look no further, Nicole is the BEST.


I was Diagnosed with HS around 10 years ago. I have been struggling with it ever since. The diagnosis by the doctors took a long time but finally i got to know what this painful condition actually was. I changed my diet completely. I removed sugar and i started eating healthy but i was still suffering from swollen glands once in two months. I wanted to know more about my body. Fortunately I found Nicole through a bloggers group and I consulted her for my condition. She was so knowledgeable and passionate about getting deep into what i exactly had and how i can change my lifestyle to get back on track. She performed several diagnostic tests and explained to me what exactly was going in my body. I personally am a science geek and when she explained to me why my body was reacting this way, everything made sense to me and I could connect what was wrong. I also found out that i was highly sensitive to gluten. I have learnt so much about my body while working with Nicole.My body is healing now. I have no bloating or any cramps during my periods. She is a wonderful health practitioner, extremely knowledgeable and an amazing human being to work with. I highly recommend Nicole if you are going through any health issues. She is amazing and would help you throughout her time with you to regain your wellness back.